Enrollment in our classes at Sprout Academy is based on your child’s age. The cut-off for each class correlates with the date provided for Florida public schools for pre-kindergarten. Please check with us on specifics such as sign up date and enrollment forms.


Our smallest Sprouts (6 weeks – 18 months) begin in our Caterpillar classroom. The Caterpillar room is designed with infant care in mind with a small class size, individual cribs, bottle warmers, soft mats, lullaby radio and a small refrigerator. This room has two early childhood certified…  READ MORE


Our small class sizes allow our Ladybug room to have only six toddlers (1-2 years) and one Early Childhood Certified staff member. The Ladybug classroom is a safe place where our 1-2 year old Sprouts begin discovering their world.Our Toddlers learn best in a safe, loving…READ MORE


Our Butterfly Sprouts are the oldest (K-5th grade) of the bunch!  Here at Sprout we provide care for Deep Creek Elementary students age 5-12 years old for before school, after school and school break days (aka camp days.)  Our Butterfly program is provided with breakfast before… READ MORE


Our Firefly classroom (2-3 years) continues to keep a low student to teacher ratio of only nine students with one fully qualified teacher.   As a two-year-old your little one is ready to learn and explore. Our Firefly teachers along with the help of classroom materials, and a very creative lesson… READ MORE


Our Dragonfly program (2-5 years) is the only one of its kind in Charlotte County.  Students in the Fireflies, Grasshoppers, and Bumblebees classrooms, enjoy a regularly scheduled outdoor classroom time.  During this time the early childhood certified teacher takes half of the… READ MORE


Once our Sprouts graduate from the Firefly classroom, they become Grasshoppers.   The Grasshopper classroom (3-4 years) keeps the low ratio of ten students with two fully qualified lead teachers. The Grasshoppers spend their day in small groups while half of the instruction… READ MORE