Throughout her career, Tina has played a pivotal role in the establishment and management of multiple schools in the surrounding areas, contributing significantly to the growth and success of the early childhood education sector. In 2019, Tina, in partnership with Ramona Moeller, co-purchased the Deep Creek location. This acquisition brought her… READ MORE

Ramona Moeller is the Co-Owner of Sprout Academy.  She also was the Top-Chef at Sprout from 2014-2023, when her and Tina were able to expand locations. Ramona fed over 60 children three times a day!  She loved finding new and delicious meals to serve. She is now excited for their new journey of opening an additional location… READ MORE

Jerri Thompson has always loved working with children. In 2005, she started her journey in childcare after a coworker who treated her like a daughter, advised her to do so. Since then, she has not only worked professionally with preschool-aged children but also with school-age children in a few programs such as a Kindergarten Sunday School teacher, an AWANA… READ MORE

Amanda Schaar is Sprout’s Director.  Amanda was born and raised here in Charlotte County. She is a graduate of Charlotte High School, and received her Childhood Development Associate Certificate (CDA) at the Charlotte Technical center at the same time as her high school diploma.  Since then (2012), she has been teaching in the early education field…READ MORE

Alyssa Marino recently moved to Southwest Florida from central New Jersey.  She is the middle sister of three, has a brother-in-law, and a niece who she loves to spending time with. She looks forward to trips home to visit but am so pleased with her decision to make necessary changes for herself and come to Florida…READ MORE

Neury Vallejo has been teaching in the Early Childhood field for 18 years.  Many of those years have been right here in this building.  In the years that she has been teaching she has worked with all age groups, but her heart is with the one-year-old’s.  She loves seeing how they begin each year as still infants and grow in a short 12 months into toddlers with their own…READ MORE

Ms. Jessica is our lead Firefly teacher.  She is originally from Belle Vernon ( a small town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.)  In 2012, while living in PA, she graduated from California University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education.   Jessica moved to Sarasota, FL where she was a substitute teacher until she moved… READ MORE

Stephanie Jean Onody was born and raised in Queens, New York with her older brother and younger sister.  She moved from New York to Pennsylvania in 2006 for a few months but it wasn’t for her, so she relocated to Florida in 2007 to live with her aunt. She attended CHS for a few months then moved out of district and transferred to PCHS where she… READ MORE

Kristina Rambo is our lead VPK teacher and VPK Director.  She has been with Sprout since January 2021 and has been working in the early childcare field since 2017.  She was born and raised right here in Punta Gorda.  Even though she moved away for a couple of years finding herself in Texas and Colorado, she eventually found her way back to Florida. Once she…READ MORE

Ella Kennamer moved from Michigan in 2015. She has two sisters. She enjoys spending time with her family and reading. She also enjoys going to the beach! She is excited to start her Teaching Career at Sprout in 2023…READ MORE

Robin Inman holds a cherished place within our Sprout team, infusing the center with vibrant energy, a traditional approach to learning, and an abundance of joy.   With a residence in Charlotte County spanning over 43 years, Robin is deeply rooted in the community she serves. A proud mother of four successful daughters, all residing in Charlotte County…READ MORE

Jacquelin Mappes (Ms. Jackie) Is A Florida girl and was raised right in here in Charlotte County! She graduated in Port Charlotte High School and received her Childhood Development Certificate at the Charlotte Technical Center at the same time that she received her Diploma. After attending Edison Community College (known as Florida Southwestern State College)…READ MORE

Amber Guyette has been teaching since 2021. She has worked in all of our age groups, from Infants to VPK.  Ms. Amber holds a CDA in Early Childhood Education, and is always looking for new methods and ideas to help children learn and grow. Ms. Amber is originally from Vermont (Home of Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream, Maple Syrup, and Cabbot Cheese). She loves…READ MORE

Robin Groves was Born in Sarasota but her father was in the Military, so she moved around her whole life.  She first Sparked interest In Early education when she was in High school, she would volunteer in preschools. She Started working at Sprout in June 2023. She loves Traveling and learning new things. She Moved back in Florida in 2016. Teaching has always been…READ MORE