Once our Sprouts graduate from the Firefly classroom, they become Grasshoppers.   The Grasshopper classroom keeps the low ratio of ten students with two fully qualified lead teachers.  

The Grasshoppers spend their day in small groups while half of the instruction is happening indoors, and the other half is outdoors.  These small groups really help the classroom staff concentrate on the specifics needs of each Sprout! The focus is on gaining social skills while adding an academic component that is developmentally appropriate. 

Our Sprouts learn pre-writing skills through singing, reading and being surrounded by the written and spoken language. Pre-math skills are taught through fun counting, and patterning  activities. All of our classrooms are play based and include circle time, art, story time, active play, and free choice play.

Sprout provides everything that your little one needs for their day.  All natural diapers, wipes and creams are supplied in each classroom.   The Ladybugs are also provided organic milk, healthy meals and snacks throughout the day.