Ramona Profile Pic Sprout Academy Port Charlotte Ramona Moeller is a Co-Owner and Top Chef at Sprout Academy.  As Top-Chef she has a huge job to accomplish each day.  Ramona feeds over 60 children three times a day!  She loves finding new and delicious meals to serve.   If you don’t believe us.. just stop in during lunch.. your nose will help you understand!!
Ramona was born and raised in Germany. In 2003, she decided to live with my grandparents in Florida to explore a different culture and to attend a high school in the US. After 6 months, she told my mother that she liked it a lot and that she would like to stay in Florida. Her mom being a good mom, packed up our things and moved to Florida, as well…
Ramona graduated from Charlotte High in 2004 and began working in this very building as a part-time employee shortly after Hurricane Charley. The original idea was to help for a few weeks and then to move on to something different (entertainment management/marketing) …. Well, ladies and gentlemen, that has never happened. Though, she does currently hold a Bachelor’s in International Trade and Business from State College of Florida. She also has active Staff Credentials for Child Care, along with an active director’s credential. Her dream is still to, one day, earn her Master’s in Entertainment Management/Marketing (a girl can dream, right?).
When she am not here at Sprout, she likes to spend time with her daughters (Sophia and Sasha) and her husband (Bobby). Together, we enjoy camping, traveling to see family across the US (and Germany), and playing music with friends. She is also currently a leader of a Girl Scout Brownie Troop, which takes up a good amount of my free time, as well.
When she is not busy with work or family, she enjoys listening to music and attending concerts. Her favorite genre is Country, but she does venture out into other genres, as well. Her favorite artists include Keith Urban, Charlie Worsham, Little Big Town, Backstreet Boys, and Bryan Adams to name a few.