Stephanie-2023 Stephanie Jean Onody was born and raised in Queens, New York with her older brother and younger sister.  She moved from New York to Pennsylvania in 2006 for a few months but it wasn’t for her, so she relocated to Florida in 2007 to live with her aunt. She attended CHS for a few months then moved out of district and transferred to PCHS where she graduated in 2010. After graduation she was a nanny for a family for 2 years, she then took a position at a preschool called Formative Years, which was located in this very building prior to Bloom/Sprout. 

She has worked in two preschools, two restaurants, and one retail job since she graduated.  In all of that experience, working in the preschool field that makes her truly happy.  She really enjoys working with kids and loves watching them grow and seeing how their little minds develop.She has a son who was born on December 6th of 2019 he has been her everything since she found out she was pregnant. She is excited to watch him grow and knows that he will teach her and show what it is like to be a mother. She feels like it is such a great feeling to have a child and be a new mother. She also enjoys taking pictures (lots of her little one), going to the beach, and drawing in her free time!